I evaluate each person that comes to my clinic and give them as much time as they need to describe and to investigate their personal problems. 

I listen! 

I do not rush anyone.

I do not always give clients what they want.  Sometimes, I recommend treatments that patients do not like, understand, or want.  I do not give out controlled substances unless it is vital to their recovery.  I get a lot of nasty reviews over that, but I stand by my training and years of experience and the DEA/APA and AAFP guidelines on use of controlled drugs. I always try to explain why I recommend what I think is in the best interest of each person coming to see me.  

Sometime you just have to trust your doctor.  :-)  Read my reviews, even the nasty one star reviews, so you can see that I am trustable and those reviews are not reflective of the care that I truly give and are people who have an agenda, did not get what they wanted, or were not present in sessions and have something to say anyway.  

I love my patients and hope to serve you soon.   I think once you meet me and see the care that I provide, you will trust me too.  

My staff is amazing and helpful.  I have open appointments. Call us and see for yourself how high quality mental health care can be in Valdosta.